Once upon a time we had an online classic rock radio station, the Appalcast Rock Channel, that was hosted on Live365. Then the copyright royalties for playing recorded music went through the roof, Live365 went dark, and we left the air. Then we found an alternative and returned with Radio Appalachia, playing Americana music, and we’ve picked up quite a few listeners. End of story, right? Unfortunately, no.

The service we found has now gotten caught up in a legal battle with a big music publisher over rights, and that publisher has pulled the coverage it provided to all this service’s customers. We could go back to a new Live365, but enough is enough.

Radio Appalachia will stay, but it will not be a music station. We are combining with our other online service, Stories Radio, to make a new Radio Appalachia, with news, talk, and stories from and about this place we call home. I hope you like it and feel free to give us your suggestions on how to improve it.

UPDATE: Thanks to the response we’ve gotten, we’re going to give Live365 a try after all. Now, that means going to Live365 and following us there, since we can’t continue to use the Shoutcast servers for music past Friday. That server will be carrying a new Radio Appalachia Talk station, the fusion between Stories Radio and Radio Appalachia, with episodes of Stories, My Appalachia, and some sports-related programming (Southwest Virginia high school football and maybe college football) this fall. Thanks for listening!

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